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We (finally) finished editing The Death of Webern.  Hoping for its release by Thanksgiving!

Thanks to conductor Alan O. Johnson and to the fabulous cast (in order of appearance)

Kevin Short (Hans Moldenhauer)
Eric McConnell (Military Officer, Paul Amadeus Pisk)
Chris O’Connor (Raymond Bell)
Tony Boutte (Anton Webern)
Zaray Rodriguez (State Department Clerk)
Mia Rojas (Archivist 1)
Ana ColLado (Archivist 2)
Adam Cahill (Legionnaire)
Mario Almonte (Jenkins)
Jeffrey Williams (Heiman)
Maria Fenty Denison (Helen Bell)
Carl DuPont (Murray)
Esther Jane Hardenbergh (Amalie Waller)

and musicians:

Trudy Kane (Flute, Piccolo)
Margaret Donaghue (Clarinet/Bass Clarinet)
Peter White (Percussion)
Scott Flavin (Violin)
Ross Harbaugh (Cello)
Anastasiya Naplekova (Pianist)


With special thanks to Paul Griffith, Director of Recording Service (The Frost School of Recording Technology)
and composer Thomas Sleeper, Producer.